A large part of using your new boat revolves around the trailer. Some have large distances to travel to use their boat. Some even vacation with their boats and travel eight or more hours. So it is important that the system is in good working order. 

Here are a few areas of your trailer you will need to check before you travel with your boat:

  1. Do the tires have good pressure? A visual check may not be enough. Use a gauge to make sure they have enough pressure. 
  2. Is the boat loaded properly? If it is off center or improperly loaded, you will need to correct it because it can cause instability or uneven wear. 
  3. Is the motor in the proper towing position? Be sure your motor is not in the down position. Yamaha actually equips most of their motors with a kickstand that allows you to rest the engine on the stand in the raised position for safe towing.
  4. Is your tow vehicle the proper size and style? Insufficient towing capacity can lead to damage to both the vehicle and the trailer. 
  5. Are the light hookups connected? They should be function tested before each trip. 

These are just a few items on the checklist you receive when you pick up your new boat. 

In our final segment, we will discuss your responsibilties as a boat owner. Click the link below to learn more. 

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