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Custom Marine partners with Delta Boatworks to provide residents of Statesboro and the surrounding areas with premium utilitarian boats. Founded by Xplor Boatworks, Delta Boatworks has pushed the envelope in hull and skiff boat design since its inception.

Delta Boatworks DNA

Delta Boatworks was created from the parent company Xplor Boatworks, which is based in South Carolina. Founded by Frankie Marion, the team manufactures the boats by hand using the highest-quality craftsmanship and materials.

Superior Structural Elements & Craftsmanship

Each boat is built with a specific type of fiberglass that helps it resist outside elements. Through x infusion, the fiberglass is infused with resin, improving its strength and durability. Using VE glass also helps to reduce corrosion and decrease the boat’s weight.

Delta Boatwork models, specifically the Delta 18 (D18), feature a v-shaped hull, making them versatile in navigating changing weather conditions. Each model can navigate through rougher water as well as operate in relatively shallow waters.

The D18 boat’s 50hp outboard engine generates enough power for planing speed and acceleration. It’s lightweight enough to avoid weighing down the boat and, in turn, its performance. 50hp engines are easier to handle and powerful enough to enjoy fishing or casual cruising, reducing fuel costs and consumption.

In addition to the hardware, each model features a 4-switch panel, a GPH bilge pump, navigational lights, and an anchor light by Navisafe 360.

Your Local Boat Dealer

Custom Marine has been supplying customers in Southeast Georgia and beyond with their dream boats for over 50 years.

Are you interested in a Delta Boatwork boat for sale? At our 5-acre dealership, the boat experts at Custom Marine will help you customize the perfect package for you and your family.

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