Once you’ve taken ownership of your new boat, there are some things that every boat owner should be aware of. Once you have possession of your new vessel, you are always legally responsible for your load whenever you are hauling your boat on the road.

One way you can keep yourself and others safe while towing your boat is securing your boat. Before you pull out on the road, make sure that all loose items including cushions, electronics, or gear are stowed or tied down securely.

Additionally, there are a number of responsibilities when you are driving your boat, as well. For example, while in the water, you are legally responsible for your wake. Pay attention to signs that say “Low Wake Zone” or “No Wake Zone.” In these areas, if the wake coming off of your boat were to cause damage to property or a structure, you are responsible for the damage.

There are many resources available to boaters, and we are here to help, as well. The knowledgeable staff at Custom Marine is here for you, as well. If you have questions about the boat delivery process, care and maintenance of your boat, or other boat related subject, come see us  or give us a call. 

We hope you enjoy your new boat. 

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