Understanding Pontoon Boats 

A pontoon boat has a flat bottom and tube-like float called a pontoon. It provides a stable platform for various water activities, from leisurely cruising to fishing and water sports. These boats are compelling choices for buyers because they are tailored to meet their every need. Pontoons come in different sizes and have many features, so you can customize your boat the way you want. 

Pontoons are a fantastic choice for leisurely cruising, fishing, water sports, and much more fun while you’re out on the water. Pontoons offer a comfy and fun experience for boaters of any age. You can sunbathe, have a picnic, or relax with friends and family on the water. Young people can have fun and be safe, while older people can relax and enjoy themselves in this environment. 

The pontoon boat appeals to boating enthusiasts of all age groups because of its comfort and ease of use. 

If you want a boat for your family, fishing, or fun, consider a pontoon boat. It’s a popular choice for many different types of boaters.

Buying a New or Used Pontoon Boat 

Factors to Consider 

When choosing a pontoon boat, consider different factors to ensure you are satisfied with your decision and that the boat meets your needs. 

  • Size is important. Ensure that you are selecting a suitable boat for the waters you want to navigate through. 
  • Consider what you will primarily use your boat for. Are you planning to have fun, fish, or waterski? Many different pontoon models offer various features tailored to your activities. 
  • Storage is a necessity. Think about where you’ll store your pontoon when it’s not in use. Your storage space could influence your boat’s size. 
  • What is your budget for customization and potential repairs? Determine how much extra money you’re willing to spend on maintenance.

Where to Buy a Pontoon Boat 

There are numerous dealerships and boat dealers in your area. If you search “pontoon boats near me,” you will find a number of new and used pontoon boats offered by dealerships. 

While finding new or used pontoon boats is easy, the challenge lies in ensuring that the dealer has credibility. You must do your research to find a reputable dealer that you can trust. By doing research, you will increase your chances of purchasing a boat from a trustworthy dealer. 

Pontoon Boats in Statesboro, Georgia 

When you’re ready to purchase a pontoon boat, choose Custom Marine for all of your needs. Custom Marine is a trusted boat dealer located in Statesboro, Georgia. We are known for selling top-notch pontoon boats and providing excellent customer service. 

At Custom Marine, you will find a wide variety of new and used pontoon boats to suit your preferences and budget. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will guide you through the buying process, helping you find the perfect boat for you. 

Our team is here to help whether you’re new to boating or have experience. We’ll support you through every step. Visit Custom Marine today and embark on your next adventure on the water with confidence. 


  • How do I know what size pontoon to get?

The size of the pontoon boat you should get depends on your intended use and the number of people you plan to accommodate. Consider factors like seating capacity, storage needs, and the water you will be boating through. Generally, pontoon boats range in size from 16 feet to over 30 feet in length. 

  • What are the top brands for pontoon boats? 

Some of the top brands for pontoon boats include Sun Tracker, Barletta, and Veranda. These brands are known for their quality construction, innovative design, and reliability. 

  • What is the fastest a pontoon can go? 

The speed of a pontoon boat varies on its size, weight, and engine power. Usually, pontoon boats can reach speeds between 15 to 50 mph, with some models exceeding 50 mph. 

  • Are pontoons expensive to maintain? 

Pontoon boats are generally less expensive to maintain compared to other types of boats. Routine maintenance tasks like cleaning, engine servicing, and winterizing are typically affordable. However, costs can vary depending on the boat’s age, condition, and usage. 

  • How much power does a pontoon boat need? 

The power needed for a pontoon boat depends on its size and what you plan to use it for. Smaller pontoons need 25-50 horsepower, while larger ones may need 200 horsepower or more for better performance. It is essential to match the engine’s power to the pontoon’s size and weight for optimal performance. 

  • How long do pontoon decks last?

Pontoon boat decks are typically constructed from marine-grade plywood, aluminum, or composite materials. With proper care and maintenance, a pontoon deck can last anywhere from 10 to 30 years or more. 

Regular cleaning, sealing, and inspections can help extend the life of a pontoon deck. 

  • How much does a pontoon weigh? 

The weight of a pontoon boat can vary a lot depending on its size, construction materials, and accessories. Smaller pontoons may weigh around 1,500 to 2,500 pounds, while larger models can weigh 3,000 to 5,000 pounds or more. 

  • What size engine do I need on my pontoon boat? 

The size of the engine that you will need for your pontoon depends on the size and weight. In general, a pontoon boat that is 20-24 feet long may need an engine with 60-115 horsepower for best performance. 

Come into Custom Marine, where we’ll help you find the best pontoon boat for your needs.

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