“The Official Southeast Georgia Boat Buyer’s Guide


“The 7 Keys to Buying a New Boat or Pontoon For Family Fun and Fishing!” 


A Complementary Report Offered by Custom Marine of Statesboro, GA


On a beautiful spring morning, 3 years ago, two families had the exact same thought… “Hey honey, maybe we should get a boat!” The families were very much alike; both were successful, both lived in southeast Georgia. Both had kids who loved the idea of owning a boat.


Recently these two families ran into each other at the corner BP station.


The families were still very much alike. Both sets of parents wanted to spend more quality time with their kids because they were growing up way to fast. Both still loved all the great boating options in the area (coastal boating, river boating and the fresh water lakes).


But, There Was a Difference…


One family was excitedly filling up their boat… Kids icing down the coolers… and, Mom picking up a few last minute treats for the ‘family & no smart phone’ day on the water. And later that afternoon they planned to meet some of their boating friends for a waterfront cook-out.


The other family never bought a boat and were headed to drop their daughter off at her friend’s house, then figure out what to do for the rest of the weekend. In the back of their mind, hoping they’d get the invite to join their friends on the boat trip.


What Made the Difference?


Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes one family get involved in boating and have an incredibly fun experience? It isn’t always their boating knowledge or experience. It isn’t their desire to enjoy the boating lifestyle. And, for most, it isn’t even a financial concern.


The difference lies in do they have the right knowledge to make a confident and low risk investment in their family boating fun.


And, that’s why I’m sharing these 7 tips for new and experienced boat buyers in the Southeast Georgia area.


 1.) Ensure You Are Buying The Right Boat For You And Your Family’s Specific Boating Needs!


It can be tempting to buy a boat because it looks great in the bright lights of the boat show or on the showroom floor. Many people get caught up in the excitement and end up taking home a boat that does not exactly fit their boating needs.


It’s important to talk with someone who is an expert in local boating and water-ways. Someone who can help ensure your new boat is equipped with the options you and your family needs to have the most enjoyable experience without pushing the price up just to fatten their wallets.


A true boat expert or consultant will ask you questions to ensure the boat your own will be the right boat for years to come. The wrong sales person will tell you the 101 reasons why he loves the boat and never asks a single question to find out what’s important to your boating fun.


 2.) You Get What You Pay For, Especially In Boating!


While searching for a center console, fishing boat, deck boat, jet boat or pontoon you may find some dealers or private sellers touting prices that seem too good to be true.


While most folks in the boat business are honest and ethical, there is always the opportunity for miscommunication.


That’s why my Dad always taught me to ask a different question when an item that was similar or even the exact same was hundreds or thousands less.


Many ask:


Why is your boat $2,000 more than their boat?”


My Dad taught me to instead ask:


What was left out of the boat or ownership experience that allows you to sell this boat for $2,000 less?”


If you get a make sense answer to that question, you may be in luck. (However, you may want to follow up with a few of the questions provided later in this report)


But, if anything sounds just a little fishy, you know there’s probably some sort of catch that you won’t realize until it’s too late. Be sure to ask more questions and get everything in writing.


 3.) Should You Trust Your Sales Person?


There seem to be two types of sales people in this world. Pushy, sleazy and hard sell types or friendly, honest and no-pressure types who truly want to ensure you have a great experience.


Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference, so here are a few clues to raise a red flag:


  • Do they ask you questions like; “Tell me about what’s important to you?” Or, do they tell you the 101 things ‘they’ think are great about the boat without ever asking you a single question.


  • Do they pressure you to make a buying decision right now? Or, do they slow down and make sure you are making the right decision for you offering some type of written guarantee that the boat will perform for your boating needs.


There are only a hand full of dealers in the country that are so confident in their ability to help a boater find the ‘RIGHT’ boat and deliver an exceptional experience they are willing to offer some sort of ‘No-Pressure Guarantee’ or even a 3 or 5 day ‘Money Back Guarantee.’


 4.) Consider Various Financing Options


Did you know that there are a handful of lenders in the area that LOVE boat loans. They understand that quality boats (new and pre-owned) hold their value extremely well versus cars.


Because of this reason, the terms are heavily in the favor of those qualified boat buyers. Let’s take a new family boat that is $25,000 may have a monthly amount as low as $210 with just $2,500 down.


When working with a reputable dealer, they often provide this service with little hassle and with no pre-payment penalties so you can pay it off early if you’d like saving even more money.


Be sure to ask if your Boat Consultant can assist you in this area if you’d prefer to finance a portion of your boat purchase.


 5.) What Does the Pre-Delivery Inspection and Delivery  Process Look Like?


Even seasoned boaters may need some training on their new boat, especially when going from one sized boat to another.


All good dealers will offer training at delivery to review the operation of your new boat. That means explaining the switches, maintenance and other details of your new boat before you pull away with your new boat and trailer.


It’s important to ask not only about the delivery process and training but also how the boat is prepared prior to your delivery. Quality dealers will have a 40 or 50 point inspection process prior to delivering any new boat. If your dealer does not complete a pre-delivery inspection checklist and provide you the results, you may want to insist they do it for your boat.


 6.) Important Questions To Ask Any Boat Dealer Prior To  Buying Your Boat?


I believe that everything about boating should be fun and as hassle free as possible. With that idea in mind, here are a few questions to ask every boat dealer during your research process:


  • Do you offer any guarantees?

  • Do you offer financing?

  • Can you show me your pre-delivery inspection checklist?

  • Does your pre-delivery inspection include running the boat in a 10,000 gallon test tank under load or just on a hose?

  • Will you provide training on my new boat during delivery?

  • How do I know you’ll provide me an excellent experience?


Asking these 6 questions will help you avoid any unethical dealers or sales people who over promise and under-deliver.


 7.) What Do Others Say About The Dealership And Their  Actual Experience Dealing With Your Chosen Dealer?


Hey, most sales people aren’t going to tell you if they will sell you a boat and promise the world only to leave you out to dry when you need something a few months later. But, often, their past clients will.


That’s why new boat buyers should always check out any dealer’s online reviews to verify what kind of experience their actual clients have had over the years.


If they don’t have any Google Reviews or other online reviews, be sure to ask the sales person to provide 15 to 20 happy clients to see what their clients have said in their own words BEFORE you make a commitment to buy.


Follow these 7 keys while buying your boat and you will ensure an incredible ownership experience!


Remember The Story Of The Two Families From Above?


Which one would you rather be? If you’ve considered boating but are not 100% sure it’s the right fit for your family.


Or, if you want to check out hundreds of boats at one location without having a fast-talking sales person breathing down your neck, I invite you to visit our 5-acre dealership with over 200 boats in stock.


With our No-Sales Pressure Guarantee, you can ask your personal Boat Consultant all your questions without getting the typical sleazy sales person hard sell.


We specialize in family boating fun in fresh and salt water here in Southeast Georgia. And, with over 200 years of boating experience we’d love to help you enjoy the boating life-style as much as we do (and our over 20,000 boating clients we’ve served since 1971).


We Can Help If You Are Interested In:


  • Coastal Boating & Fishing

  • Ogeechee River Boating And Fishing

  • Boating on Sinclair Lake & Lake Oconee

  • Tarpon Fishing

  • Fresh Water Pleasure Boating & Fishing

  • Salt Water Fishing Boats

  • Family Deck Boats, Pontoons And Fishing Boats

  • Safe & Sporty Jet Boats

  • Aluminum Fishing Boats

  • Jon Boats

  • Duck Hunting & Duck Boats


Now you are armed with some practical information to ensure you make a smart investment in your families boating fun.


  Now, Imagine Your Perfect Day On The Water!


If we can be of assistance to make that a reality, give us a call to schedule a time to talk boats. (912) 681-7777


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