One of the most straightforward and essential components of keeping your boat afloat is getting a boat oil change regularly.

Once you find your dream boat, you’ll want to keep your boat running as smoothly as the day you bought it for years to come. As a new boat owner, one of the first things you should know is how to maintain your vessel, as proper maintenance is key to keeping any vehicle running efficiently.

Your engine oil is what keeps your boat running. If you hold off on performing a boat oil change, you could incur irreversible damage to your vessel. If you don’t want to cause damage to your dream boat, you’ll need to know the steps you should take to maintain it properly.

How often should you change the oil in your boat?

How often the oil should be changed depends on your boat’s age and the engine type. A good rule for most engines is that you should not go longer than 100 hours between oil changes. However, one exception to this rule is for new motors. Most new motors require an initial boat oil change at 20 hours. This is often referred to as a “break-in service.”

If you do not reach 100 hours during the boating season, changing the oil before storing it for the off-season period is still recommended. Degraded oil can turn acidic, causing damage to your engine. It’s essential to place your boat into storage with fresh oil rather than waiting until the following season.

If your boat is new, you should get your oil changed after 20 hours of running the engine. Having your boat serviced during this period allows the marine technician to remove any leftover debris or dirt from the engine from the break-in period that can cause damage to the engine.

Always use the correct oil for your outboard engine

Do not use oil that was not manufactured for your outboard engine, as this can cause damage to your engine. Motor oil is not a good substitute for marine engine oil. Your engine needs marine-grade engine oil to run correctly.

Marine engine oil can come in various grades, with each boat requiring a specific type. Using the wrong kind of oil for your boat could cause damage to the engine. It’s essential to look into what the engine manufacturer recommends by checking your owner’s manual or trusting your boat technician.

Why should you use a marine service shop for your boat oil change?

It may seem that DIY-ing your engine oil will be a cost-effective method. All you’ll need is the oil, right? However, bringing your boat in to be serviced by an experienced technician cannot be understated as a way to keep your boat’s engine running at peak condition.

Beyond changing your oil and oil filter, bringing your boat in to get serviced gives the technician a chance to look over your boat. Routine serviceallows your technician to detect any underlying issues that may develop into more significant problems.

Call Custom Marine for all of your boating needs

When it’s time for your boat oil change, there’s only one place you can trust to offer you the service that’ll have your boat running in no time. Since 1971, Custom Marine has served thousands of boaters, pros, and amateurs alike, and we leave our customers happy with our service. Our technicians can assist you in keeping your boat running for years as a certified Yamalube® Exclusive Service Center.

We serve the low country and beyond, including Statesboro, Savannah,  Rincon, Guyton, Hinesville, Richmond Hill, St. Simons, Brunswick, Augusta, Hilton Head, Beaufort, Bluffton, and Jacksonville.

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