An important component of your package is your propulsion, commonly called your engine. At Custom Marine primarily carry outboard engines, specifically, Yamaha brand outboards. 

As we all know, prior to cranking a motor, you need power. Most of your saltwater style boats, specifically the ones we carry at Custom Marine, are going to be equipped with a battery switch. The switches are located in different areas depending on the boat. 

On the 247 Sportsman boat we are using as an example in this video, it is located in the glove box in the helm. However, they can also be found in the console or on the stern. It is important to identify the battery switch and make sure it is turned on before you attempt to crank the motor. 

After finding the battery switch, you need to prime the fuel system. Most outboard motors are equipped with a primer bubble. To get your fuel system primed and prepared to crank the motor, you need to squeeze the primer bubble until it gets tight. 

At the helm, we have the center console setup that has a benical style throttle box. This box controls the speed of the boat, as well as controlling forward and reverse. When moving the throttle, the up direction causes the boat to go forward, while the down direction takes the boat into reverse. 

The key switch is another control within the helm, similar to a car it cranks the engine. One of the most important safety features on your boat package is the safety lanyard that should be attached to the person while the boat is in use. In case you were to fall out of the boat or fall down, the safety switch will immediately pull out and kill power to the motor. If you pull the safety switch off, the boat will turn off and the motor will not crank until you put it back into position. 

Once the motor is cranked and you are under way, you want to make sure your motor is cooling itself. The engine has warning systems, and it will alert you if it is not cooling itself. There is an audible alarm that is built into the throttle box that will go off if the engine were to run hot. One of the tell tale signs that outdoor boaters need to always watch for is to whether the motor is cooling itself. 

Your motor is equipped with an exit outlet of used cooling water, also known as a “pee hole”. You want to make sure your motor is “peeing” at all times while using it. If it is not, your motor will eventually run hot and potentially cause damage. Depending on the model of the motor, it is typically on the right hand side of your motor in a position where you should be able to tell from a glance if it is cooling or not. If it is not running, the motor is not cooling and you should immediately turn off the motor and clear any obstruction that may be getting in the way of the cooling water.

Now, we will discuss the electronics and helm of your new boat. Click the button below to learn more. 


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