Are you thinking about upgrading your boat, selling your boat, or simply trading it in? Unless you have unlimited time, selling your boat can be extremely time consuming and stressful. You may want to consider using a boat brokerage to sell your boat. It takes valuable time to prepare a boat for sale, estimate the correct boat value, advertise, correspond and meet with potential buyers, negotiate prices, process title and paperwork, and deal with delivery.

Simplify the process by using a boat brokerage

A boat brokerage helps to eliminate the hassle, achieve a desired sale price and sell a boat quickly. The benefit to using a boat brokerage is that as a boat owner, you will get closer to the retail value of your boat rather than trading. Trading your boat typically results in more of a wholesale value, but helps you get into a new boat faster and with less hassle. The money you receive can go straight into your pocket or directly towards the down payment for buying a boat that better suits your needs.

Consider using our select boat brokerage program to act as your personal time-saving filter. We began the program as a service to prior customers to help them move boats that they had purchased from us. Since then, our boat brokerage program has grown exponentially. Built on reputation, our sales team of experts have handled hundreds of boats for many people over the years. Once you decide to partner with Custom Marine boat brokerage program, we make the process easy. We work to protect your interests and enjoy negotiating the best deal in order to maximize an offer and receive top dollar for your boat.

What are the costs involved with using a boat brokerage?

The most important thing we can do as a broker is make sure your boat is ready to sell. This means a full inspection and water test is performed on your vessel to evaluate that it is in good running condition. We also gather accurate records of maintenance, repairs and and replacements that have been done or need to be done and review with the boat owner.
To ensure exceptional purchase quality, a one-time fee of $535 and a 10% brokerage fee will be be charged to the boat owner.

The included costs cover the following:

  • Mechanical inspection and boat appraisal
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Initial basic cleaning, interim cleaning(s) and final delivery detail
  • 33 minute inspection in our 10,000 gallon test tank
  • Any repairs required to get the boat into a satisfactory mechanical condition

What types of boats qualify for the program?

Custom Marine is primarily a salt-water boat dealer. About 90% of our inventory is saltwater boats, 10% freshwater boats. In finding boats that qualify for our boar brokerage program, we typically look for center console boats in brands such as:

  • Sea Hunt
  • Sportsman
  • Key West
  • Pathfinder
  • any brand with a Yamaha motor

How do I get started?

The best way to begin the process of selling your boat with our boat brokerage program is by bringing your vessel to Custom Marine, located at 104 Rushing Lane in Statesboro so we can take a look at it. Call us at (912) 681-7777 to schedule an appointment or email us at

If you don’t have time to bring your boat up to Custom Marine, send us photos of your boat to and fill out the online boat appraisal form. Our sales representatives will give you a call to discuss your vessel and discuss pricing information.

With thorough knowledge of your vessel and situation, our sales team will figure out the value of your boat, set a fair price, ensure a timely sale, handle an accurate transaction process, and title transfer.

When you think of selling your boat, think of Custom Marine giving you a hand with our boat brokerage program. We hope you’ll consider us if you’re looking to move a boat!

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