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As the weather gets warmer and the season changes, many are ready to take their boats out of storage and get back on the water. Before you can begin a boating season, the first task is knowing the steps to get your boat to and into the water. It is vital to make it a priority to take the time to trailer your boat, tow your boat, and launch your boat correctly. We’ll give you our four steps to help guarantee your boating adventures start smoothly.

Follow a Pre-Trip Trailer Your Boat Checklist

To start off the four steps to take before you trailer your boat, here is a brief pre-trip trailering checklist you can follow to ensure you have the basics covered.

  • Check the air pressure in the trailer tires before you head out on your trip.
  • Make sure your trailer lights are working, and continue checking them during the trip.
  • Make sure to secure the boat.
  • Get your trailer brakes inspected, and make sure to have your wheel bearings properly lubricated.
  • Double-check to ensure there is nothing in the boat that could blow out on the highway.
  • Make sure all your gear is packed and loaded.

Understand Towing Capacity and Trailer Compatibility When You Trailer Your Boat

Before considering to trailer your boat, you must ensure your vehicle is up for the task. Not all vehicles are able to carry a heavy load safely, so it is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to determine your specific vehicle’s towing capacities.

Before hitting the road, start by making sure that you have the right trailer, hitch, and safety chains to tow a boat. Confirm that your trailer has the capacity to carry not only the weight of your boat but also the motor, fuel, and any additional gear on board.

Complete Trailer Inspection and Maintenance

Safety is one of the most important aspects for your boat and trailer when you decide to trailer your boat. Being proactive with regular trailer maintenance is a great idea. Inspect your trailer before every trip as, like boats; trailers can be subject to harsh environments like salt water.

In order to ensure smooth sailing once you reach your location, boat maintenance is also critical. Keeping things clean and well-lubricated before you trailer your boat is one of the easier ways to maintain your boat. There are also annual boat care and maintenance chores, like a boat oil change, lubricating fittings, and painting the hull bottom, which most boaters leave to professionals.

Know How to Launch Your Boat From the Trailer

Once you reach your destination, it’s time to launch your boat into the water. A few things to remember to check before you launch are if your boat is properly connected to the trailer, the winch post and winch strap are properly connected to the boat, drain plugs have been installed, and all valuables and devices are in a safe, dry place.

Because all boat ramps are different, you may want to inspect the ramp to see how far you will have to back the trailer into the water and how steep it is. Knowing how to get your boat off the trailer and loading your boat back on can be a tricky task that takes knowledge and lots of practice.

For Your Boating Needs, Call Custom Marine in Statesboro

When it’s time for routine boat maintenance, there’s only one place you can trust to offer you the service that’ll have your boat running in no time. Since 1971, Custom Marine has served thousands of boaters, pros, and amateurs alike, and we leave our customers happy with our service. Our technicians can assist you in keeping your boat running for years as a certified Yamalube® Exclusive Service Center.

We have a large inventory of boats and trailers for sale and team members who can find the perfect match for you. When its time to trailer your boat, our service department handles everything your boat and trailer may need. Whether you need a simple engine oil change or a complex repair, Custom Marine in Statesboro, GA., can do the job!

We serve the low country and beyond, including Statesboro, Savannah, Rincon, Guyton, Hinesville, Richmond Hill, St. Simons, Brunswick, Augusta, Hilton Head, Beaufort, Bluffton, and Jacksonville.

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