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Custom Marine is your source for Sportsman Boats! With over 200 boats in stock, your are sure to find the boat of your dreams at Custom Marine. Sportsman Boats has a reputation for building premium boats with the best ride on the water and the most yacht-caliber features for the price than any other boat in its class! With a full line of Center Console and Bay Boats in stock, our sales team of experienced boaters can help you find the right type of boat for your needs. We look forward to helping you!

Island Reef Series
Whether your into taking your family boating or fishing, the Island Reef Series will take you where the action is! STARTING AT JUST $19,695, the 17′ and 19′ Island Reef Series boats provide the same sturdy Sportsman construction, 4-stroke Yamaha outboard power, stainless steel fittings and more.

Open Series

With much of the same outstanding design and comfort features of the HERITAGE SERIES, the OPEN SERIES is designed for the more serious angler, but lacks nothing for the family outing! The OPEN SERIES ranges from 21′ to 31′. Horizons await with an OPEN SERIES Center Console.

Island Bay Series
The Island Bay Series provides a popular bay-style boat, at a price you can truly afford. Now you can have the perfect, affordable fishing machine that puts your family first, with an Island Bay by Sportsman Boats!

 Masters Series

The MASTERS SERIES bay boats range from the 20′ to 24′ in length. These boats feature solid dry rides, wide stable beams, and a yacht caliber look that defines the term, “family-friendly fishing machines!” If you want one of the best looking boats on the water with the perfect balance of performance, stability, style & comfort, you’ve found it in the Sportsman Boats’ MASTERS SERIES Bay Boats!

Heritage Series

The HERITAGE SERIES Center Consoles – ranging from 21′ to 25′ in length – is Sportsman’s flagship model. With oceans of intelligent off-shore fishing features, a Sportsman HERITAGE will lavish you with a wave of luxurious, family-friendly, yacht-caliber components that can take you from hard core fishing to stylish cruising – just pick your heading!

Tournament Series

If you want a Tournament Class vessel that that provides a comfortable family ride, the stylish TOURNAMENT SERIES is your boat! This shallow draft tsunami gives professional guides the performance that discerning anglers demand, and will make even the most casual angler look like the pros!


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