Custom Marine in Statesboro is looking for a partner to fill a full-time, permanent position.  Yes, many will apply but please know that we are searching for a very special team member. Though experience in our industry is desired we are even more interested in someone truly vested in customer service. Based on the experiences we’ve had hiring for our dealership in the past we think that to be truly good at customer service one must have had plenty experience being a customer themselves. Again, ideally this experience should have been in our industry or something similar.  Other characteristics this candidate should possess will include high end work ethic, attention to detail, ability to perform under pressure and a caring trustworthy demeanor. If you have any of this type of experience and have ever been described as diplomatic, trustworthy, empathetic, likable or anything similar this may be the right place to apply. Please contact Will Massey at 912-681-7777. Resumes or questions should be directed to